How to Sell Your Art with Intuitive Figurative Artist Brenda K. Robinson – Part 1

Show Notes

Welcome back. In this episode, you get to meet intuitive figurative artist Brenda K. Robinson. 

She’s what my mom would call a ball of fire and exudes joy. Currently living in Lakewood Ranch, Florida,, Brenda is prolifically painting and selling her work.

This interview covers a lot of ground, from Brenda’s inspiration and artistic voice to her pricing to how she succeeds in making not just one but often multiple sales per client. 

I think you’ll enjoy Brenda’s energy as much as I did.

I discovered Brenda when she commented on the podcast, so please remember it’s not uncommon for me to find guests throughout their comments and emails. 

Though I can’t interview everyone I hear from, reaching out to me is the best way to make sure you’re on my radar. And it tells me I’m not out here talking to myself. So let me know what you’re up to, what you’re struggling with, and how you’re doing. I really do care. 

The interview ran long, so I’ve broken it into two episodes.

Part 2 is available now at 

As usual, you can see the video of the entire interview, images of Brenda's work, and contact links for Brenda on this page.

Intuitive Figure Artist Brenda K. Robinson holding her Halo Arts Fellowship Award

Brenda's Bio

Brenda describes herself as an intuitive, figurative artist. Painting is her response to the messy middle of our color-filled diverse world.

She starts her paintings by writing blessings, prayers, and intentions on the blank canvas.

Brenda tells the stories that bind us, she is constantly amazed by the way God weaves our lives together in the beauty of our likeness, and in spite of the masks we wear, we are all connected by the same DNA.

Brenda paints hope, joy love, memory, and history. She tells the stories that bind us, the beauty of our likeness. the stories that make our hearts sing with memory and compassion. She has to constantly remember to listen to the spirit of the paint instead of pushing to impose her will. She strives to fill the void that she saw as she was growing into the painter she is today.

Brenda’s art has been described as inspiring, spiritual, encouraging, and emotional. Her art provides a portal that allows us to communicate with each other. Spirit shapes the narrative of the painting. Her part is to listen and speak through the paint, bearing witness to ordinary and extraordinary ancestors on whose shoulders she stands.

Brenda's stories come through the paint and take on a life and direction of their own. She says her main responsibility is to always be on the lookout for the presence of grace and wonder.

Brenda with the 85 lb cast statue of a dog she was commissioned to hand paint for Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Using Her Art for Good

I was very proud of being commissioned to paint a public art statue of a very large 85lb cast of a dog for Southeastern Guide Dogs. He is painted like a field of wildflowers, a purple cape with gorgeous multi-colored butterflies, to make his journey light, a pair of eyeglasses, and a stethoscope. “Doc” came in as the 3rd place winner. He raised a healthy sum of money to aid the folks who needed his services. He lives in the lobby of Doctors Hospital and he brings joy to all who visit. 

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  1. Rodney on July 19, 2022 at 2:54 pm

    Brenda’s work is transformational and strikes a chord within everyone who sees it. Every stroke has meaning and her background comes across in every work. It was great to hear her story.

  2. Marcy Bernstein on July 18, 2022 at 12:55 pm

    Brenda Robinson’s authenticity has inspired me to be more open about my own creative process. I have been looking for a creative outlet although not formally trained in the arts. I am now freer to tap into my intuitive nature instead of waiting for formal training.
    She is a gem

    • Caroline Italia on July 18, 2022 at 1:02 pm

      Thanks, Marcy! I agree, Brenda’s story is an inspiration. Artists at every level encounter often self-imposed obstacles to moving forward with their creativity. Please take Brenda’s story to heart and let nothing hold you back from your desire to be an artist!

      So happy to have you listening with us. Be sure to check the next episode for a shout-out on the show, and email me at caroline@passionatepainterpodcast if you’d like me to include your city and/or a website you’d like me to mention!