How Commisions Work


I love painting portraits and am currently accepting a limited number of portrait commissions. The paintings are priced according to size and complexity. As every portrait is different, and arriving at a price requires discussion, the price will be established during an initial free consultation by Zoom call.

During the call, I will discuss what you have in mind and review potential reference images to confirm a portrait can be made from them. At least one quality reference photo is required.

There is no fee for the initial portrait discussion, which is conducted via recorded Zoom call to preserve notes and information necessary to the project.

The timeframe for portrait completion will range from 60-90 days and the portrait will be completed in stages. A third of the agreed-upon commission will be due at the beginning of the portrait, billed via electronic invoice. Please note, this is the only method with which I accept payment, to prevent wasting time with scammers sending out fake bank checks.

You will receive photos of the painting as it progresses. At the halfway point, the second commission payment will be due.

As the portrait reaches completion, I will work with you via email and/or text to review images of the work and make adjustments.

Upon final approval and completion of the painting and prior to shipping, the final payment is due. The painting will then be shipped to you along with any physical photo reference you may have sent me.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of commissioned portrait with me, please click here to fill out the form on the contact page.