Demonstration: How to Oil Paint Without Solvents

The New Oil Painting book by American Artist Kimberly Brooks

Show Notes Demonstration Transcript This demo on how I paint using marble dust mixed into linseed oil instead of using solvents is for my listeners who’ve asked to see a demonstration after watching my interview with internationally acclaimed artist and author Kimberly Brooks in Passionate Painter Podcast episodes 70 and 71.Kimberly is the author of…

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Become a Fearless Artist with Lisa Daly Kangas – Part 2

LDK is an American Painter living in Upper Michigan

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PAGE FOR Part 1 of This Interview Please note: Because the interview was longer than 40 minutes, I broke the audio only in half for listening convenience, as is customary for the average length of a podcast. There is only ONE video (shown below) which is the complete interview.…

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