Laying the Groundwork for Success as an Artist With Emily Ozier

Painter Emily Ozier. Check out her interview on the Passionate Painter Podcast at

EMYO’s paintings are addicting. She tackles deep subjects with a free, loose touch that grips your attention while holding you lightly. Her paintings are buoyant with hope! Meet American Painter Emily Ozier Welcome back. Today I get to introduce you to American Artist Emily Ozier, otherwise known as “EMYO.”Emily touches on so many important elements…

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Own Your Worthiness as an Artist with Dan Knepper

Check out my interview with painter Dan Knepper for fantastic career advice and inspiration on the Passionate Painter Podcast.

Meet American Painter Dan Knepper Welcome back. I am excited to introduce you to American Painter Dan Knepper. Influenced by his background as a glass blower, Dan is fascinated by the effects of light and a master at painting light into sparkling landscapes.During our conversation, Dan provides great insight into getting your career off the…

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