Painter Malcolm Dewey talks art business, technique, and career advice (Part 1)

It was a great privilege to speak with Malcolm. He is an incredible painter with a true calling to teach. I personally love Malcolm’s courses and recommend them highly.

I’ve broken the interview into two parts for listening convenience, Part two is available now at

 Living the life of a full time artist is not simple, but Malcolm Dewey has been able to achieve this through many years of commitment to his art. Having started in graphic design Malcolm was attracted to fine art through his love of landscape and nature. Impressionism in its contemporary form is the driving force behind Malcolm’s painting ideas.

Malcolm has devoted much time to studying form and colour to create his paintings. Together with a loose brushwork style Malcolm’s painting are filled with light, colour and movement.

Through teaching his method to thousands of artists worldwide over the years Malcolm has strengthened his painting skills. His aim is to describe his painting with an economy of shape, but without compromising on paint and generous brushwork. He teaches this approach with equal generosity to his art students both online and in workshops.

Malcolm has written several books about the artist’s life. He is a dedicated blogger and contributes to publications like the South African Artist Magazine. His painting courses are popular worldwide and he is one of the top rated art teachers online.

It is in front of the canvas that Malcolm is happiest. Being able to pass this onto his collectors is a personal joy. Malcolm believes that aesthetics still has an important part to play in painting. In an art world where conceptualism threatens the appreciation of beauty, Malcolm is actively creating paintings that will delight collectors for years to come.


Twitter: @MalcolmDewey

Link to Flake White Replacement:


  1. Marilyn D.F. Boire on November 23, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    “I enjoyed segment #1 with Malcolm. Both of you touched upon the apprehension to begin, but once “into it” a rhythm develops. Also got a giggle from the comments about introverts, as well as sensitivity when critiqued. Helpful and informative. Nice job with this podcast.”

  2. Caroline Italia on November 23, 2020 at 9:20 am

    Thank you, Marilyn, happy to have you listening! Malcolm is a very talented painter and an excellent instructor. Don’t forget to let me know of any artists you’d like to hear from on the show!