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Part 2 of My Interview with Singer and Founder of Unmuted, Rachel Druckenmiller

Welcome to my interview with Rachel Druckenmiller. She's a singer and founder of Unmuted, the platform through which she encourages people to stop hiding their dreams and step into the light.

As you know, this podcast focuses on visual artists, specifically those in the fine art realm. As I mentioned at the beginning of the video, I've brought Rachel — both a singer and motivational speaker — to you to share her message of encouragement and inspiration to build your confidence as a creative and pursue your dreams in spite of roadblocks and fear. Her message is one we can all benefit from, and the fact that she sings during parts of this interview makes it even more magical. Enjoy.

Please note, the video shown at the top of this page is the full interview, with both parts included. I have repeated it on both show notes pages for convenience, but both are the same.

And if you haven't yet listened to part 1, you might want to go back and listen to that first to hear Lisa's bio and learn about her origin as an artist, how she began selling her work, her social media strategy, and advice on art fairs. You can find it at

Singer and founder of Unmuted, Rachel Druckenmiller.
Singer and founder of Unmuted, Rachel Druckenmiller.

Rachel's Bio

Today’s guest is here to activate and unleash possibility, confidence, courage, and clarity.

She’s the daughter of two entrepreneurs and has worked with organizations like Sherwin-Williams, Citizens Bank, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the American Heart Association. Recognized by Forbes, The Daily Record, and Workforce Magazine as an award-winning entrepreneur, Rachel is on a mission to help people step into the most unmuted version of themselves at work and at home.

She's married to her college sweetheart, Bill. She sang with the band at her best friend's wedding and loves a good dance party or karaoke night. She's also a singer-songwriter whose music can be found wherever you stream music.

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