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Part 2 of My Interview with Painter Lisa Daly Kangas

Welcome back to my interview in progress with American painter Lisa Daly Kansas. Please note there's a point in the interview that I jump off the mic to quickly grab something to show Lisa in our Zoom call. For those of you listening in audio-only format, it's a framed photo of two paper checks I received in the mail. You'll understand the rest when you hear it.

That said, don't forget the full video of this interview can be seen above on this show notes page.

And if you haven't yet listened to part 1, you might want to go back and listen to that first to hear Lisa's bio and learn about her origin as an artist, how she began selling her work, her social media strategy, and advice on art fairs. You can find it at

American Painter Lisa Daly Kangas
American Painter Lisa Daly Kangas

Lisa's Bio

Lisa Daly Kangas, known professionally as LDK, is an acrylic artist born in Bay City, Michigan.

Most of LDK's childhood traversed Lower Michigan and included 4 years in Indiana. She's been focused on art since high school, where she found her artistic spark with the help of art teacher Kim Diment.

LDK has been a full-time artist since 2017, working in acrylic on canvas to create a wide range of subjects on commission. Her work ranges from animals to architecture, people, and the occasional glittery abstract. Whether a painting is wildly colorful or dramatically dark and moody, LDK's personal edge, energy, and spiritual vibration always shine through. The result is always ambitious, playful, and often audacious. It's a combination that brings out a magical unexpected quality her clients love.

LDK has shown and sold her paintings throughout the Midwest, through juried shows, fairs, and commissions. Her reach has been prolific in her hometown of Escanaba Michigan, where many local businesses proudly decorate their offices with LDK originals and prints.

In addition to showing and selling her work, LDK teaches a 55-student class twice a year at the Island Resort and Casino in Harris, Michigan

Links & Info

LDK's Email:

LDK's Website:

LDK on Facebook:

LDK on Instagram:

LDK's mentor, Kim Dimente:

LDK's art can be seen locally in the upcoming Upper Michigan area shows:

Whitefish Bay Art Fest

Waterfront Arts Festival

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