Episode 34 — The 3 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make When Approaching Galleries

Tristin St. Mary, Art Garage Gallery

Administrative Manager Tristin St. Mary of "The Art Garage" on How to Work with Galleries

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Tristin St. Mary, Administrative manager of The Art Garage, a community-based non-profit arts organization located in the Olde Main Street Arts District in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Tristin grew up in Eden, Wisconsin, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay in May, 2018, with a double major in Dance and Arts Management.

Soon after graduation, Tristin started an internship at The Art Garage as the Youth Summer Art Workshops coordinator. Being passionate about the arts and their importance drove her to the position she now holds managing The Art Garage.

Tristin enjoys working with local artists, engaging the community in the arts through various programming, and coordinating arts-related events with other local non-profit organizations. She is passionate about community engagement and outreach, event planning, and marketing—just some of Tristin’s responsibilites within the organization. I’m thrilled to have the chance to pick Tristin’s brain about the art world from the gallery’s prespective and how artists can maximize their opportunites when approaching galleries.

In the episode, Tristin talks about the 3 biggest mistakes artists make when approaching galleries. She also gives advice on how artists can make themselves more attractive to galleries.

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