Passionate Painter Podcast Episode 20: Modern Icon Painter Christina Miller on Keeping the Soul in Your Art

blue eye honeybee, acrylic, 24x18Christina Miller’s paintings offer a mystical and modern take on the ancient iconography of Catholicism. As the pressures on the environment and animal species have increased horribly over the past couple of decades, Christina’s work evolved toward environmental themes. Her Modern Icons now celebrate the intersection of Nature, Animals, and Sacred Images, embodying that we live on this Earth together and share in each other’s beauty.

An artist all her life, from poetry, coffeehouses, and theater, to sculpture and paintings, Christina ultimately chose to focus on being an acrylic painter. She has lived and been an artist in Seattle, New Orleans, and mostly Santa Fe, her current home.

Christina says, “As a college art student at USC and the University of Washington, I was struck with the lack of symbolism in much of the art of the 20th century and now, the 21st century. Symbolic art has always been by goal and agenda, creating symbols that reflect the connections between the natural and mystical worlds. My belief is that powerful symbols can change the world, as symbols often contain deep mystical elements which affect the viewer in myriad ways, and create a bond between like minds. It is this bond to ideas that I seek, the idea that Animals are Souls and our teachers, that Nature is our Home, that Sacredness is our Inheritance. Many of my images are Guardians of the Animals and Nature. They are symbols of the Future we wish to see.”

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