Laying the Groundwork for Success as an Artist With Emily Ozier

American Painter and Author Emily Ozier.

EMYO's paintings are addicting. She tackles deep subjects with a free, loose touch that grips your attention while holding you lightly. Her paintings are buoyant with hope!

Meet American Painter Emily Ozier

Welcome back. Today I get to introduce you to American Artist Emily Ozier, otherwise known as "EMYO."

Emily touches on so many important elements of her journey to becoming a professional artist. And what keeps coming to the forefront is don't worry about racing to the point where you feel you've "made it."

An out-of-context look at Emily's success is pretty daunting — she's in over half a dozen galleries, she sells on commission, she sells prints, she works with a coterie of designers who buy for their clients AND she's in the middle of launching a children's book.

What you'll hear from Emily's own lips, however, is that each of these elements took time. She'll be the first to tell you her own career is an evolution, and if you keep showing up, you'll find your path.

And, please note that when EMYO says "for anyone who is very young in their art career" she's speaking specifically about your art career, not your age. Your art career can be young later in life if you're just getting started with making or selling your work.

I think you'll find this interview as inspiring as I did. Enjoy.
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Emily's Bio

The daughter of a Cuban American, Emily Ozier’s expressive style and bold strokes may find their origins in her Spanish roots. Her Cuban grandfather, a physician, found his escape from the realism of medicine was his time painting on miniature canvases. 

These works of art were filled with the bold remembrances of the Cuba he escaped. Emily’s mother remembers discovering her daughter was an artist at an early age. Every school notebook of hers was filled with drawings, sketches, and studies of life around. 

Her drawing for years and years laid the foundation for the painting that would come later in her life. Emily is a graduate of Auburn University, and she has studied in Italy with an impressionist master, focusing on a method passed down from the impressionist painter John Singer Sargent. In 2014, Emily attended training at Harvard seeking to deepen her understanding of how learning takes place in and through the arts.

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