Make Creative Leaps – Painter Amy Peterman – Part 1

Meet American Painter Amy Peterman

Welcome back. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my interview with American Painter Amy Peterman.

Amy and I met at the 2022 Waterfront Arts Festival in Escanaba, up here in the lovely Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I was honored to be asked to judge the paintings at this year's festival, where many talented artists exhibited and sold their work.

I discovered Amy was a kindred spirit, having a professional background in graphic design and freelancing for a living, like me, while working on her paintings. We were also both raised by craftsman parents who worked with furniture, glass, and fabric. We both gave up studying a string instrument in high school to spend more time in art, and enjoyed exposure to a wide range of techniques before college. 

We're practically twins. If she'd told me she'd also gone on a secret mission to rescue a chicken in her freshman year at university, I definitely would have been creeped out.

Amy's expressionistic landscapes are captivating, with strong compositions and fearless brushwork. I was struck by how many paintings she had on display, in addition to prints, each more beautiful than the next. I was grateful artists were required to designate one for consideration in the best-in-show category. I never could have picked one from the others.

In looking at her work, I could see Amy's unflagging commitment to making her art despite any obstacles or demands on her time. She is prolific, professional, and organized. I was truly inspired and I knew you would love to hear from her.

Needless to say, Amy took the prize that day, and I can confirm she deserved it. She has since become a good friend and agreed to come on the show. It's full of great information and encouragement.

In part 1, we talk about her background, her process, how she promotes her art her biggest challenge, and more. You can read Amy's bio and see her work and contact links below.

The conversation ran to an hour, so I've broken it in two for your convenience. Don't miss part 2, available now at

American Painter Amy Peterman, 2022

Amy's Bio

For as long as Amy can remember, she has always had a love for art. As a child, she would happily spend hours in her bedroom making art on the floor or at the old drafting table her dad gave her. The anticipation she would get opening a new box of crayons or set of paints was—and still is—hard to contain.

Amy remembers feeling like a “real artist” when she won the school carnival poster contest in 5th grade (she drew a carousel horse complete with 3-D tissue paper flowers). When she realized she would get to take multiple art classes in her senior year of high school and then get to study art in college the following year, she couldn’t stop talking about it.

When she chose to major in Art Studio, she was thrilled to get to try so many different art mediums and be taught by some amazing Art Professors. It was during her college studies that she fell in love with graphic design, painting, printmaking, and art history.
Since college, she has continued on her creative journey. She has been a freelance graphic artist for over 20 years and has recently fallen back in love with painting. She often wonders why it took her so long to return to painting and feels like a piece of her that was missing for a long time, has returned.

Residing in Petoskey, Michigan with her family, Amy is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her. Her acrylic paintings illustrate elements that capture a familiar feeling. That feeling you get when you look up at a tall tamarack and are transported back in time. That feeling of peace at the first heavy snowfall when all is calm and quiet. That feeling of joy flooding over you at the sight of an expressive sky over an expansive field. Sharing those feelings through her art is her greatest joy.

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