Making Your Art on Your Own Terms with Painter Ciara Barsotti

Meet Painter Ciara Barsotti

Ciara is a creative force whose work successfully intertwines the soulful and the playful.

We touched upon many areas I know you'll resonate with, from finding your voice to making time for your art to pricing and selling your work on your terms.

Now if you're a regular listener, I'm sure you've heard me say there's no right way to be an artist. And it's true. But, there are definitely some common traits successful people of any practice share, and Ciara has them in spades.

I'm talking about curiosity, flexibility, and self-awareness. All the things that you need to have a growth mindset.I know you'll enjoy hearing from Ciara as much as I did.

Make sure you swing by the show notes for this episode to check out Ciara's work and all the links we mention, including a downloadable page from Ciara's personal planner. If you're a self-professed organization geek like me and Ciara, you're gonna love it. Enjoy the show.

Be sure to grab your copy of Ciara's personal planner page in the show links below.

I discovered Ciara when she commented on the podcast, so please remember it’s not uncommon for me to find guests throughout their comments and emails. 

Though I can’t interview everyone I hear from, reaching out to me is the best way to make sure you’re on my radar. And it tells me I’m not out here talking to myself. So let me know what you’re up to, what you’re struggling with, and how you’re doing. I really do care. 

An interview with American Painter Ciara Barsotti

Ciara's Bio

Ciara Barsotti loves to paint landscapes inspired by her travels around the United States that inspire people to reconnect with the land they inhabit. She has developed a completely unique mixed media technique that lends itself to the ephemeral quality of our changing world. 

Ciara is an avid hiker and runner and has been painting and making art since she could hold a crayon. After living everywhere from Santa Cruz, CA to Williamsburg Virginia in the last decade, she and her husband have settled back in their hometown of Chico accompanied by two cats, William Blake, and Nobody, and are expecting their first child due in December of 2022!


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Interview with Marcus Sheridan on how to talk about your pricing: Passionate Painter Podcast episode 58

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