Episode 68-How Artists Can Blast through Roadblocks

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Show Notes

Do you have moments of intense inspiration you later dismiss before putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas? Do you hold back from expressing yourself as an artist completely and honestly because of negative self-talk that tells you your ideas are foolish, or they've been done before, or someone else could or has done them better?

Well, stop it. YOU are unique, you are beautiful, and there's no one else out there who can bring your light to the world but you.

This is the reason I teach art, and it's the reason I created The Portrait Code online painting course, launching March 10, 2022.

In this podcast episode, I talk about my inspiration to make this course and how you can learn more about it for FREE in one of three upcoming webinars (March 10, 11, or 13).

THE BEST THING about this podcast episode is that my host is my beloved husband, Steven Carlson
. Steve interviews me in my first appearance as an interview guest, to learn more about this concept I've created called "The Portrait Code," to help artists get their gumption up to live their most inspired, creative lives.

Steve is originally from Escanaba Michigan where we now live. He is a former Marine and is now the Director of Facilities at a community college. Steve is also an amazing husband and father and has been the very patient, supportive spouse to an artist who’s been building an online course for two long years around work and family. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m grateful.

So, I thought it fitting that Steve be the one to interview me about the obstacles artists face, and my new online course was created to tackle those challenges.

Here’s the gist of the conversation:

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