Episode 50 – Art Career Strategy with Taylor White – Part 2 of 2

Taylor White


elcome to part 2 of my interview with Taylor White. If you haven't yet listened to part 1, you may want to go back and listen to that first, at passionatepainterpodcast.com/49.

Now as we roll on this episode, I need to explain that Taylor mentions the risks involved in her success.

It's important for you to know that every artist's journey is different. Taylor's journey is certainly inspiring, but it is Taylor's.

You may not be in a position to take the risks she took.

I will be discussing calibrated art career risks in an upcoming episode, because I do believe there are some universal behaviors a mindset that can help set you on the right path, no matter what risks your life can withstand.

What I hope you take away from THIS episode is Taylor's recipe for realizing her dreams:

  1. A vision for where she wants to be (even if she doesn't know how to get there yet) - she has a vision that she has honed down to a goal.
  2. An openness to the opportunities around her where she's at right now - she always keeps her goals in mind, but doesn't put blinders on to what's available to her right now that can build her experience base or help her reach her longterm goals. Note, this involves perspective on how the short game can help her reach achieve her ultimate vision. It also involves a healthy dose of patience.
  3. A whole lot of elbow grease - whether or not it looks like Taylor rode in on a magic carpet, you will hear her busting her butt at every turn.

As always, let me know what you think.


Taylor White is an American figurative artist whose work engages with the fundamental elements of being. Combining refined techniques of classical training with bright, unexpected color choices born from the residue of street art and pop culture, White’s work explores the way in which we experience the formless chaos of potential through being, and how the order we inhabit can sometimes dissolve backwards into the incredible complexity from which it emerged. 

White was raised in Raleigh, NC and educated at the Savannah College of Art and Design, completing her BFA in Illustration in 2007. Upon graduating, she began contributing her efforts to acclaimed Oslo-based advertising agency TRY/Apt, as the first and only full-time illustrator hired in a Norwegian agency at the time.

Three years later her choice to pursue painting brought her to Australia, where she found a new kind of success traversing the textures of urban environments, furnishing the streets and galleries of Melbourne with her uniquely haunting, expressive portraits of forlorn youth.

She has exhibited internationally from Melbourne to Berlin, LA, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit. She has contributed to events for Juddy Roller, Outer Space Project, Richmond Mural Project, Murals in the Market, Branded Arts, BLINK Cincinnati, and SCOPE Miami Beach. In 2018 she worked with Google Fiber to create one of the largest public-facing Augmented Reality murals in the world. In 2021 she completed Raleigh’s second Augmented Reality mural, “8-Bit to 5G,” a tribute to the future of gaming and esports in the City of Raleigh. Current clients include Microsoft and Lululemon. 

She is currently based in Raleigh, NC.

This is part 1 of a two-part interview. Part 2 is available now for your convenince at passionatepainter.com/episode50.


Phone: 919-632-7855
Exhibit Address: 19 W. Hargett St. Raleigh, NC
e-mail: hello@taylorwhite.art
website: taylorwhite.art
Instagram: Taylurk