Artist and Mentor Matt TommeyAn interview with Matt Tommey, Artist, Mentor, Author & Speaker. Voted one of Professional Artist Magazines "Best Art Mentors" in 2018, Matt describes his mission as "Helping thousands of artists around the world understand & flow in their Divine Design while being led by God's voice."

Not only is Matt Tommey an incredible weaver, he has the heart of a teacher as well. Matt lives in Ashville, North Carolina (one of my favorite places on the planet!). He has an artist studio there where you can watch him work and chat with him as he makes his beautiful baskets. Matt has a blog on his artist website, and has written four books on the topic of thriving as an artist God's way.

Links to Matt's artist website


Matt also has a podcast and a membership platform for mentoring artists. I signed up to the mentoring program last month and love it. He also runs the Thriving Christian Artist conference.

Links to his mentoring site and podcast