Passionate Painter Podcast Episode 3 – Classical Realism is Alive and Well with Painter and Instructor Nelson Ferreira – Part 1 of 2

Nelson Ferreira teaching painting to his students.Portugese master painter Nelson Ferreira discusses the state of realism in the West, his shocking rebellion against his academic institution, and how painting a haunting series carried him through a years-long depression.

Nelson studied Fine Arts Painting and has exhibited and taught internationally. He is a visiting lecturer for the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Lisbon, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and many other museums and artistic institutions, where he teaches both beginners and advanced levels – including courses on historical painting methods specifically tailored for restorers.

Nelson created and runs the classes in the Saatchi Gallery, V&A Museum, Chiswick Business Park, Regent Street Crown Estates and Grosvenor. He's just been awarded a diploma for his continuous research on Mediaeval painting methods and he's now preparing to advance for his PhD at the Prince's Foundation, on the topic of 15th century Primitive Flemish oil painting techniques.