Creating Your Own Art Opportunities with G.J. Gillespie – Part 1

Please note: Because the interview was longer than 40 minutes, I broke the audio only in half for listening convenience, as is customary for the average length of a podcast. There is only ONE video (shown below) which is the complete interview.

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Part 1 of My Interview with collage artist G.J. Gillespie

Welcome to my interview with G.J. Gillespie. Having been published in over 90 publications, this is one prolific artist. The interview ran over an hour, so I've broken it into two parts for listening convenience. Check out part 1 for Gary's bio and discussion on getting published in journals and other tactics Gary uses get exposure for his art. We also talk about his creative process as well as his creative voice. Part 2 is available now at

Before we move on to Gary's bio, I want to take a minute to give you an update. Many of you know these days I don't post the show on a regular schedule. This was initially to gain more time in the studio. Most recently, I've begun grad school, working toward my MFA. As a result, I anticipate having very limited time to work on the podcast over the next year. When I have information I believe you would find valuable, I'll jump on and put it on the air as I'm able. In the meantime, existing episodes will be available to keep you company. And as always, you can reach me at for comments or questions about the show or any of my online courses.

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G.J. Gillespie's Bio

Welcome to my interview with G.J. Gillespie.

Gary is a collage artist living in a 1928 Tudor Revival farmhouse overlooking Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island (north of Seattle, Washington). In addition to natural beauty, he is inspired by art history — especially mid-century abstract expressionism. The “Northwest Mystics” who produced haunting images from this region 60 years ago are favorites.

Winner of 20 awards, his art has appeared in 60 shows and more than 90 publications.

When he is not making art, he runs his sketchbook company Leda Art Supply.

Artist Statement

Most of my work references art history. Uniqueness is achieved through use of collage material such as colored tissue, disassembled newspaper clippings, or Fred Meyer grocery ads. My goal is to create individuations of universal imagery that seem mysterious in new contexts.

Rather than venturing into a world of totally original designs, I try to “stand on the shoulders of giants” and rift on cultural icons.

By tapping traditional compositions of famous artists of the past, viewers sense that my designs are familiar and different at the same time. This is why I like ancient Greek art as well as the body of work from midcentury masters that we have come to love.

Please note, the video shown at the top of this page is the full interview, with both parts included. I have repeated it on both show notes pages for convenience, but both are the same.

Part two of this interview is available now at

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