Life Coach and Business Mentor Barbara Badolati

Today I get to introduce you to Barbara Badolati, a sought-after speaker, mentor, and life coach. I met Barbara in my previous corporate life at the national wellness conference in 2018. Barbara was a speaker at the conference and I was taking video interviews and photographs as the institute's Director of Marketing and Creative Design.

Barbara radiates positive energy.  While I could clearly see how Barbara could help anyone through her coaching and teaching. It also how working with a life coach or mentor can really move the needle for artists in particular. Barbara and I talked about her coming on the show, and it turns out she's no stranger to coaching artists. I'm grateful and excited to share her joy and insight with you.

In this interview, Barbara will be talking about overcoming self-doubt, finding one’s inner voice, and ways to reduce stress while juggling our art and business pursuits.

I’m really excited to bring you this interview. It just may leave you thinking of how a life coach or mentor is the springboard you’re looking for in your art career.

For over 30 years Barbara has been guiding others toward greater health and well-being through her yoga, somatic and meditation teachings, life, and health coaching, and wellness retreats both online and in real life.

Barbara is the founder of where people can experience all aspects of a retreat from transformational movement such as JourneyDance to community connections through Sacred Shares. Participants gain wisdom from wellness experts and enjoy personal introspection for further healing and growth.

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