What's the Painting "Song for Cinderella" About?

SPOILER ALERT: Don't watch this if you'd rather not know exactly what this painting is about. 

What is "Song for Cinderella" about?

Another video dedicated to talking about your art on video. You can learn more about this topic in my interview with Marcus Sheridan at passionatepainterpodcast.com/episode58.

According to Marcus, some people are very interested in the meaning behind the art.

About "Song for Cinderella"

Song for Cinderella by Caroline Italia Carlson is named after Matthew chapter 7 verse 6 of the New Testament about casting pearls before swine.

It’s about something of value to someone who won’t appreciate it, or can't appreciate it; they just don't have the ability. It's about accepting what is and where your responsibility ends in holding up your end of the sky in a relationship. It's a message of caution to anyone who is in a loveless or abusive relationship; anyone who doesn't know their own worth. And a hug to those who’ve been there and learned their lesson.