Bloopers from Passionate Painter Podcast Video Starring My Cat

Get a behind-the-scenes look when Blackbeard the three-foot cat steals the show during filming of the Passionate Painter Podcast video, “How to Know When Your Art is Done.”

I often get asked, "How do I know when my painting (or drawing, scuplture, etc...) is done?

You need an approach that is both strategic and tactical. This video won't show it to you. This is footage of my diva cat that hit the cutting room floor during editing.

This is for to my cat-loving listeners who've asked about Mr. Blackbeard, thanks for your sentiments. He's a good guy.

P.S. You CAN find the full video answering the question, "How do I know when my art is done?" on my webpage at

Until next time...

go make something.

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