Combating Frustration Caused by Struggling to Make Your Art When You Have Other Obligations

Question: How Can I do my art if I have to…?


So a question I often get is, “How can I do my art if I have to… fill in the blank… “I have a day job…”, “I have to take care of my children,” I have to care for an a aging family member.” These are all realistic scenarios, and they all take away from painting time, but I’m going to suggest that the way that you look at that obligation will help you get something out of it. So that instead of seeing it as an excuse, or an obstacle, you will see it as an opportunity and a blessing.

And what I mean by that is that I have learned something from every obligation that has taken me away from painting. I’ve learned things at my day job that have helped me with my business, including podcasting, audio/video editing, marketing, design work, things that help me with promotional materials and branding my business.

So those are a lot of things that really you would otherwise want to maybe take a course in. And, you will learn skills during the obligations in your life that are not involved with your craft that will help you if you choose to look at them that way, and be mindful of them. A conflict at work or a difficult relationship situation that you need to resolve can teach you patience, and communication skills, and even negotiating skills.

So the important thing to remember when something’s keeping you from your craft is, “What can I take away from this,” and, “How can this be a blessing to me?”

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