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Welcome to part 2 of my interview in progress with American artist and tax expert Hannah Cole. If you haven’t yet listened to part 1, you’ll definitely want to circle back and catch that as well, as part 1 focuses on Hannah’s success as a fine artist who’s shown both in the U.S. and abroad. You can find it at

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Hannah's Bio

Hannah is a painter living in Asheville. She studied at Yale University and Boston University, and has exhibited internationally. She is represented by the Tracey Morgan Gallery in Asheville and Slag Gallery in New York. Her work was shown recently at the Turchin Center for Visual Art and at the North Carolina Museum of Art. In 2018, she had her fifth solo show in New York at Slag Gallery and her first solo show in North Carolina with the Tracey Morgan Gallery. Her work was recently included in Front Burner, a survey of contemporary painting in North Carolina at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Click here for Hannah's CV of exhibits and career highlights

Hannah Cole, American Artist and Accountant at an opening of one of her shows

Artist Statement

I paint the daily surroundings that normally go unnoticed—a glimpse of pavement, the pattern on a drainage grate, the weeds peeking through the crack in the sidewalk. While my work has often incorporated the textures of the cityscape, living in Appalachia has brought green back into my work. Weeds are a powerful symbol - of resilience, and of nature on its own terms. There is no official definition of a weed. It is a plant like any other, but one that is unwanted simply by virtue of existing on the wrong side of the border.

My paintings are at once rooted in the unique experiences of my own life, and in conversation with the larger history of American painting. If you’re an art nerd like me, you may notice some cheeky nods to our painting forefathers; Agnes Martin, Franz Kline, Barnett Newman. I make every mark by hand, without shortcuts. This practice is one part meditation, one part Yankee work ethic.

— Hannah Cole



Slag Gallery in New York
For inquiries, contact Irina Protopopescu at 917.977.1848

Tracey Morgan Gallery in Asheville For inquiries, contact Tracey Morgan at  828.505.7667.

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An Audit Nightmare Turned Artist Victory: Hannah's interview with Susan Crile

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